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Glenn Beck Vs. Olberman

I will admit, I used to love Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and the whole darn crew…but they have gotten really crappy lately.  They were a lot more fun when they were bashing Bush and they were right on to do it.

Lately it seems like all Olbermann does is bash Beck and have softball guests who totally agree with him and he asks questions where they he is leading like a cowboy walking in front of a horse.

A few points:

  • Olbermann complained that Beck was making $133 per ticket for a event that he was holding.  Since when is making money a crime.  Last time I checked Glenn beck was, basically an entertainer with a TV show.  Not someone that claims to be some saint.  But he does do event like Restoring Honer.
  • Olberman called Beck the “Worst Person in the world” for saying that maybe “we don’t want to evolve” now I read the speech were he said that and he was referencing our government and specifically our constitution.  I happen to agree with that, lets not evolve the one document that really made this country what it is.  You know who second to that, same guy who said retarded children were caused because women aboted the unborn child before they were born.  Beck is worse that that…I don’t think so.

Here are some great Glenn Links:



And a Beck video with the girls on the View, funny:

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